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Molsons Bank was incorporated in Montreal in 1855 by William and John Molson Jr., sons of John Molson, founder of the Molson Brewing Company. A branch of Molsons Bank was opened in Kingsville in 1899 when it absorbed Fraser Westcott’s private bank. In 1901, the bank moved to the newly constructed Conklin building on the the south-east corner of Division and Main and purchased Bon Jasperson’s bank in 1907. R.B. Samuel moved from Alvinston, Ontario to Kingsville in 1916 to become the new manager of Molsons Bank, and he built this home on Division Street South in 1921. When Bank of Montreal and Molsons Bank merged in 1925, Samuel became the manager of the Kingsville branch of the Bank of Montreal and held that position until his retirement in 1934.

Mr. H.P. Dunbar Evans who has been manager of the Molsons Bank here during the past eight years has received notice that he is to be transferred to Ridgetown. He expects to leave here about Sept 1st. Mr. R. B. Samuel of the Molsons Bank, Alvinston will be the new manager here.

The Kingsville Reporter, August 10, 1916 p.5

Alvinston Man Gets Several New Goats

R.B. Samuel, manager of the Molsons Bank, and a great fancier of goats, Friday received four more new animals. These goats are a small type, being raised down in Virginia. They are a brownish color. These new beasts now make up the flock of seven which are to be seen in the pasture. The older lot are a Swiss breed. Mr. Samuel’s fold is the only one of its kind in this district.

Mr. Samuels is to be the new manager of the Molsons Bank here.

The Kingsville Reporter, August 24, 1916 p.1

The pretty bungalow which Mr. Samuel had built for himself during the past season, was one of his own designing, and is said to be about perfect for convenience and comfort.

The Kingsville Reporter, 20 Oct 1921, p.5


The last of Canada’s “family” banks is to disappear in the taking over the Molsons Bank by the Bank of Montreal. Announced in an official statement at Montreal today. The Molsons Bank, founded in Montreal over 70 years ago, has been in the hands of the commercial and financial family group of that name since then.

The merger is subject to the satisfaction of shareholders of both institutions.

If the merger goes through it is not known yet how it will affect the local branch here.

The Kingsville Reporter, October 30, 1924 p.5


On January 1st of this year, Mr. R.B. Samuel, who has been manager of the Bank of Montreal (formerly Molsons Bank) for the past 17 years, was retired on pension.

No more capable bank official could be found than Mr. Samuel, and it is with feelings of regret that the business men of the town, as well as the farming community, see him retire from the bank. He had been in the banking business for more than 40 years, and was held in the highest esteem by the head office as an extremely careful manager. He was always kind and condierate witht he bank’s patrons, as well as with the local staff, and at the same time, firm in his decisions where there might be any doubt in a banking transaction.

He and his wife and daughter, Miss Mary, will continue to reside here in their pretty home on Division Street south.

The Kingsville Reporter, January 4, 1934 p.4

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