1919 Division Street South

For 57 years (from 1868 to 1925) the northeast corner of Division and Pearl was owned by the Cooper family. George Cooper was born in London, England in 1832 and emigrated, with his family, to Canada when he was 13 years old. By way of Quebec City and Oswego, New York, George finally settled in Kingsville in 1851 and remained here until his death in 1914. Cooper was a tailor by trade, and conducted his business out of his home on this lot. The Cox Bros. garage replaced the Cooper house in 1929, and Ernie Cox built a two-storey addition for his bicycle shop in the 1930s. Over the years, the one-storey garage was home to a laundromat, Box Office Video, a sports equipment store and youth centre. This two-storey brick building, which features a dance studio, was built on the former site of the garage and was completed in 2012.

Exchange Property

George Hall has exchanged his residence on Maple St for the Clay Cooper property, corner Division and Pearl Sts. This is a fine corner for business purposes. Mr. Hall has not decided yet what he will do with the property, but it will probably mean a business block there some day in the future.

The Kingsville Reporter, July 9, 1925 p.1

Will Build New Garage

Cox Bros. have purchased from Geo. Hall the Cooper property, corner of Pearl and Division Streets, and will erect a large garage upon it which they will occupy when it is completed.

The building will have 66 feet frontage and a depth of 74 feet. The dwelling now on the property will be moved back and faced on Pearl St and used as a dwelling.

The Kingsville Reporter, May 31, 1928 p.1

A Kingsville young man “chartered” a car one night last week without telling the owner of his intention. He had no driver’s license, but did not think that formality worth while. He drove about town and got along nicely until he turned the corner at Cox’s garage at too fast a clip, ran over the kerb, missing a large telephone post by a few inches, ran over Mr. Pickard’s lawn and on until he landed into the side of the house opposite the dairy, occupied by Mr. Kissner. That ended the jaunt. When he appeared before Magistrate Smart be disqualified from driving for one year.

The Kingsville Reporter, April 10, 1930 p.5

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