261 Division Street South

Dr. William H. Drake was a very prominent physician in Kingsville from 1856 until his retirement to Windsor in 1894. In 1891, Dr. Drake has this “summer residence” built but never actually lived in it. As soon as it was completed, private banker Fraser Westcott and his wife Caroline moved in and remained in this home for nine years. Caroline A. Westcott was an accomplished musician and composer of several published songs including “Essex Heroes,” “Our Queen” and “Mettawas Waltzes.” In 1899, Molson’s Bank purchased Westcott’s Bank and the Westcotts bought the house next door, on the corner of Division and Erie, which no longer stands. That same year, Dr. Drake sold this house to George and Marian Henry but it was a later owner, Heenan Bruner, who added the verandahs in 1922.

Mrs. F. Westcott, author of the Mettawas Waltzes has just had published another piece of music set to the words of that lovely hymn, “Jesus Lover of My Soul.” Musical critics speak very highly of this, Mrs. Westcott’s latest production, and it bids fair to become, if anything, more popular than the Mettawas Waltzes. On sale at Leggett’s.

The Kingsville Reporter, March 15, 1895 p.5

Branch of Molson’s Bank Established in Kingsville

On Friday evening last Mr. Thompson, manager of the Ridgetown Branch Molsons Bank, arrived in town, and inside of a couple of hours had decided to open a branch of the Molsons in this place. He at once got out his advertising matter and announced his intention to the public. It was first intended to occupy the DeJean block, but subsequently arrangements were made to absorb Westcott’s private bank, and use the premises occupied by that gentleman.

On Tuesday evening Mr. H.A. Barrier, head office accountant from Montreal, arrived in town and completed the arrangements made by Mr. Thompson, and the bank opened for business today. [. . .] Mr. F. Westcott has secured the position of accountant in the new business, which will be gratifying to his numerous friends here.

The Kingsville Reporter, August 24, 1899 p.4

Heenan Bruner is adding very much to the appearance of his home on Division St., by building verandas in front and at the side of the residence. The front is 12×30 and the side 6×30, all enclosed with glass and screened for the summer.

The Kingsville Reporter, August 31, 1922 p.5

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