77 Division Street South

In 1880, bailiff George Malott built a 1 & 1\2-storey building on the southeast corner of Pearl and Division streets to be used by the Kingsville Cavalry Troop as an armoury. The building was purchased in 1888 by D.H. Terry and remodelled into a photography studio. Other photographers to use this building were F.R. Luckham, F.G. Westlake and G.N. Arnold. By 1903, the building was no longer used as a photo gallery and was rented by Theodore Kittle for his shoe shop. The following year, the property was sold to Forest Malott (George’s son) and Curtis Green purchased the building. In April 1904, Green moved to the building to its present location (at 77 Division Street South) and it became the Chamberlain Metal Weather Strip factory. When Green built a new factory on the corner of Maple and Lansdowne in 1921, he sold this property to Norman P. Lockwood, President of Hodge Tobacco Company, who converted the building into a private residence.

15 Aug 1921 DEED from Curtis J. Green to Norman P. Lockwood:

Together with the right to use as a private road a strip of land four feet wide adjoining said land on the north side

This conveyance is subject to the following building conditions:

1. No building other than a dwelling house and private garage which when erected shall be of a value of $5000, or more shall be erected on said land at any time

2. The work of erecting such building shall be commenced within 12 months

RESERVING to the grantor the right to leave his building now upon the said land in its present position until the first day of October 1921 after which date he covenants to remove it upon receiving 30 days’ notice from grantee so to do.

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