194 Division Street South

Arthur Malott’s 1896 ad read:
Maple Leaf Laundry / The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he has lately engaged in the laundry business, and hopes by careful attention to same to merit the public patronage. / Arthur Malott, South Division St., Kingsville. Goods called for and delivered.” With his wife Fannie and their three daughters, Arthur purchased a house across the street from his brother John in 1894, and opened Maple Leaf Laundry two years later. Unfortunately, fire broke out in the laundry in July of 1898, but the “contents of the dwelling and all the laundry machinery together with the goods belonging to customers were saved complete.” As the house was being rebuilt, the laundry service was moved to 68 Division Street South. Malott and family continued the business until they sold out in 1905 to the “Chinese laundry.” When the Malotts moved to Windsor in 1906, they sold the property to John and Orilla Black who remained in this home until 1933.

Mr and Mrs Arthur Malott and family desire to express their sincere gratitude to their many friends who so nobly assisted them in saving their household effects at the recent fire. Where all were so kind it is hard to designate any in particular. But the firemen seem especially to be thanked for without them all would have been destroyed.

The Kingsville Reporter, July 21, 1898 p.5



The business has been established about four years as above, and during the last two years it has increased in capacity more than a third of what it was previous to that. Two outside laundries that had agencies here have withdrawn so that the Maple Leaf now has the entire field. It has a very large list of regular customers every week and doing the summer season it does all the starched work for the Mettawas summer resort, which largely increased its volume of business. Work is called for and delivered to any part of the town. It has also a subagency at each of the barber shops for the accommodation of out of town customers and for those who wish to leave parcels during the week. Commercial work and short order work is a specialty with this institution. In short, it is the endeavor of the proprietor to fully overtake all the work expected of such an institution, and so far has succeeded beyond his expectations.

The Kingsville Reporter, November 23, 1899 (Supplement)

Arthur Malott has sold his laundry business to the chinamen in town. History repeats itself. When the Mongol comes the white man moves on.

The Kingsville Reporter, April 13, 1905 p.5

Some boys have been annoying our Chinese laundrymen again, and still the authorities take no notice of the outrage. If the Ch**** would secure a rawhide and administer a good sound drubbing to the little reprobate, it might have a tendency to stop their pranks.

The Kingsville Reporter, September 7, 1905 p.5

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