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1902 was a very good year for fruit farmer George W. Henry. His fruit exporting business was so successful that needed to build an addition to his warehouse near the Kingsville Train Station. It was also the year that Henry branched out into the cottage business. Already owning two cottages, Henry purchased two other vacant lots on Division Street South and hired D.H. McCay and G.W. Mercer as his contractors. Building began in March and when completed by June 1st, this cottage was christened “Robin’s Nest.” Spending more and more time in California, Henry sold his cottages in 1914 and Robin’s Nest became the summer home of Dr. John Brown from Toronto. Later years saw Robin’s Nest converted into a duplex with an “attractive flat above furnished to rent.”

The G.W. Henry cottages are nearly complete and are most picturesque and beautiful in style.

The Kingsville Reporter, May 8, 1902 p.5

Mr. G.W. Henry has gone east where he will be for several weeks overseeing the packing and shipping of 7,000 barrels of apples, the Henry Co. have bought and are sending to the Old Country markets.

The Kingsville Reporter, September 30, 1909 p.5

Removing to Pasedena Cal.

Mr and Mrs G.W. Henry and Miss Maud Henry leave our town this week after a residence here of twenty years. They will visit with Mrs. Henry’s sister in Detroit for a couple of weeks before they leave for Pasadena. Mr. Henry has a home there and it is his intention to permanently reside in California. The best wishes of a large circle of friends goe (sic) with them.

The Kingsville Reporter, December 5, 1918 p.1

Wanted:  ROOMERS – For fall and winter months, refined couple, home privileges. “Robin’s Nest” Division St., near car line.

The Kingsville Reporter, October 29, 1925 p.1


Alan Richards has taken a position as watchmaker with McCreery’s Jewellery.

Mr and Mrs Richards and son Martyn arrived in Canada only recently from Cardiff, Wales where he owned and operated his own jewellery business.

The family is at present staying at the Cowan Tourist Home, but will take up permanent residence in the Robin’s Nest apartment, formerly occupied by Jamie and family.

The Kingsville Reporter, September 26, 1957 p.1

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