16-18 Division Street South

William Melord Davey was born in Lockport, New York in 1859. His parents came to Canada and settled in Colchester when he was three years old to take up farming. William left the farm at the age of 11 or 12 and came to Kingsville to learn the trade of bricklaying. In May of 1880, he married Osea Wright and together they raised three sons and three daughters in Kingsville. A successful mason for many years, William changed careers in 1908 when he built this “brick block” and opened a restaurant with lodging rooms on the second floor. After William’s death in 1913, the restaurant had a series of managers including Robert Lamarsh, Maria Sherman, John Kinnee and Laura Longland. The building was converted into a garage in 1918 which was occupied first by the Fox Bros. and later the Cox Bros. Bon Jasperson purchased the garage in 1930, hired the Oxley Bros. to renovate the building and The Maple Sweet Shop moved in, offering to “Serve Meals to the General Public with the usual courtesy.”

Wm Davey has opened up a restaurant in his new building which he erected on Division st south. It is well lighted and heated and has a very commodius dining room, about 25 feet wide by 30 long. Everything is neatly arranged and comfortable. Upstairs has a hall extending the full length of the building and there are 7 or 8 bedrooms, bathrooms and snug little sitting room at the front. The rooms are all well lighted and airy. We understand he intends to take boarders as soon as he has everything in shape. He furnishes meals and lunches at all times.

The Kingsville Reporter, December 24, 1908 p.5

The Queen’s Hotel Kingsville


Who wouldn’t enjoy one of those well cooked and fastidious meals at the new Queen’s Hotel, Kingsville. The boys on the road that know quality and taste and when the palate is appealed to said it was “queenish.” They said, “Now we will call it the Queen’s Hotel.” Mrs. Longland is known as the Queenish dish server of dainty things. She just knows how to take care of wedding parties in a delightful way. We owe the Queen’s Hotel the right hand flourish in Kingsville.

The Kingsville Reporter, June 14, 1917 p.1

To Rent

FLAT – nine rooms, in good condition, central location. Apply Cox Bros., Division St South

The Kingsville Reporter, November 1, 1923 p.1

Oxley Bros., contractors, have charge of the work of rebuilding the block on the west side of Division St. that Mr. Bon Jasperson bought from Cox Bros. The building is cement block, but a fine red brick front is being put on and the downstairs will be used for two stores and the upstairs for offices.

The Kingsville Reporter, April 10, 1930 p.5

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