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Charles & Mary Jane Miner House (1919)


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209209 Division Street South

Ohio resident, John Miner Sr., purchased 100 acres of land on the Third Concession in 1872 and he “visited his Canadian home each winter until March, 1878, when he built a log house on the ten acres he had previously chopped down.” The cabin became the home for John, his wife Ann and their ten children: Rebecca, Mary Ann, Ted, Lizzie, Jack, Amos, Charles, George, Florence and Lily. Charles Miner married Mary Jane Creaser in 1889 and bought a farm down the road from the Miner Homestead. After 30 years on the farm, Charles and Mary Jane moved to their new home on Division Street South, built in 1919. Glen Miner inherited the house after the death of his parents – Charles in 1930, Mary Jane four years later.

 John Miner, Sr.

On Tuesday, April 24th, John Miner Sr. passed away at his late home, Gosfield South. Mr. Miner was born in Leicestershire, England, April 16th, 1829. At the age of 24 he came to America, landing at Boston, Mass. A few days later, he left Boston with fishermen in search of whales, remaining at sea nearly fourteen months, during which time he seldom saw land. Returning to Boston, he worked his way up the country to the State of Ohio, where he married Ann Broadwell, who pre-deceased him June 17th, 1914.

The Essex Free Press, May 4, 1917 p.3


Chas. Miner of Division St., south, was taken ill a coyuple of weeks ago, and on Friday last was taken to the hospital where he died on Saturday morning in his 61st year.

Mr. Miner was born at Akron, Ohio, and came to Essex County with his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Miner, and other members of the family and lived at home until a little over forty years ago he married Mary Jane Creaser, of Glen Major, Ont., and for more than twenty years lived on his farm on the Third concession. Several years ago he built a home in Kingsville on Division street south and lived there until his death. Latterly he has followed contracting and did a great deal of cement work at Cedar Beach and in other sections throughout the county, and he was considered an expert at the business. [. . .]

He is survived by his widow, one son, Glen, an adopted daughter, Mrs. Ed. Cox, and an adopted son, Lloyd Miner.

The Kingsville Reporter, June 19, 1930 p.1

Kings. Native Glenn Miner Passes

Glenn Miner, a life-long resident of Kingsville, passed away Monday morning at Leamington Hostpital at the age of 70 years.

Mr. Miner was the son of the late Charles and Mary Jane Miner and the nephew of the late Jack Miner.

He opened a smoke shop and taxi business on Division Street South in 1939. As well, Mr. Miner operated a restaurant on Main Street East for a few years. The taxi business moved from its original location, where the Bank of Montreal is now situated, to the corner of Chestnut and Main Street, and eventually it was relocated to the present address on Chestnut.

Glenn Miner was a very talented musician, and entertained locally for many years, playing both the piano and organ.

He was an avid sports enthusiast who participated in community baseball, and spent many hours hunting and fishing.

Husband of Dorothy (Lundy). Father and father-in-law of Linda and Stewart Francis, of Kingsville. Grandfather of Karen Elizabeth. Brother of Lloyd Miner, Kingsville, and the late Eva (Mrs. Ted Cox).

The Kingsville Reporter, January 9, 1980 p.3

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7 Responses to Charles & Mary Jane Miner House (1919)

    • dorothyMiner

      I belive my husband to be related.He was born to Harry Miner. Whose grandfather was JohnMiner his father was john Miner. All from around Coshocton. Ohio ,Canton And Ackron Ohio .JohnMiner my husbands g.great grandfather entered the Civial WarAug17 ,1862 on June15,1863was captured at the battle ofWinchester,Virginia .Died Aprial22,1865 at Annapolis,Md

  1. Lloyd William Charles Paul Miner

    My grandfather was Lloyd Miner of Kingsville. I am the 5th child of Clayton J Miner, son of Lloyd Miner. My father named me after his father. The article above indicates that Lloyd Miner was adopted. I never heard my father speak of this. My father left me with some photocopies of family pictures from a book highlighting Jack, George, Ted and Charlie Miner. My third name is apparently in honour of Charlie. I am interested to know if there are any records substantiating that Lloyd Miner was adopted and if so if there are any records that establish who his parents were. Please use my email to reply. Thank you in advance and look forward to any news. Paul

    • Dennis Miner

      Hi Paul, George Miner (Charles youngest brother) is my Great Grandfather. I have researched a great deal of family tree information. If you contact me at baminer@sympatico.ca I will gladly provide you with what information I can. I also suggest you go to Larry Slavik’s website. Larry and I share lots of information. Dennis

    • Larry Slavik

      Hello Lloyd,

      I would like to invite you to join our web site at familytree.laslavik.com

      I’m sure our Miner database could benefit from any information and family pictures that you might share with us.

      The web site is restricted to family members and you are in it.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,

      Larry Slavik

  2. Cathie Hellems Warboy

    Hello – Just curious… My dad always talked about “Uncle” Jack Miner of the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary. Was he the son of John Miner, Sr.?

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