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Under the modern renovation is the original home built in 1920 by Milton Carl Peterson. Carl’s great-grandfather, Dennis, was born in Pennsylvania in 1793 and moved to Essex County in the early 1800s and worked as a shoemaker. Dennis’ son, John W., and grandson, George, were both local butchers. Born in 1888, Carl grew up to be a Line Superintendent for the Windsor Essex and Lake Shore railway. Carl and his wife only lived in this home for three years, moving to Detroit in 1923 when Carl was hired by the Edison Company. The house was later purchased by Cecil Curtis Miller, local “chemist” who rented it out after moving to Walkerville. Renters included the families of John J. Malott, J.S. Bennett, Stephen Cull and Glen Corlett.

Narrow Escape From Electrocution

Yesterday Carl Peterson, line foreman on W.E. & L.S. was superintending some repairs to the line, when in some way the tower on which he was working, grounded, and he received a shock from the wire which knocked him to the ground. He was conveyed to his home and is recovering slowly, although in some-what weakened condition.

The Kingville Reporter, May 9, 1918 p.4

Carl Peterson, formerly line Supt of the W.E. & L.S. railway, has purchased a house in Detroit and will shortly move there, taking a position with the Edison Co.

The Kingsville Reporter, May 17, 1923 p.5

The Carl Peterson place, which was offered for sale by auction did not get a bid to come up to the reserve bid which was $4,000, and was not sold.

The Kingsville Reporter, March 13, 1924 p.5


HOUSE – Modern home, corner Division and Melbourne Sts.; 3 bedrooms, fireplace, hot water heat. Apply C.C. Miller, 312 Victoria Road, Walkerville.

The Kingsville Reporter, December 12, 1935 p.1

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